Tuesday, December 27, 2011

harga baru untuk tahun 2012.

salam sayang untuk semua:)

diba nk maklumkan yang mulai tahun 2012 kami akan kenakan harga baru.:)servis yang lebih baik dan setimpal dengan harga kami:)

termasuk harga sewa kamera:)bukan lagi rm50 per event macam dulu.thanks untuk semua yang dh book untuk tahun 2012.

tapi bagi yang baru nk book.harga baru dikenakan.thanks alot kawan2 yang book kamera dan barang2 diba.diba hargai sangat.

nnt diba akan perkenalkan servis2 baru kami:)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

photobooth in progress!!:)

hi all:) just want to update photobooth progress:) for those who's anxious:)hehe

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Package Shoot n Print :)

salam and hai to all :)

we are doing shoot n print starting Jan 2012 :)

these are the new packages

DSLR package

1. shoot n burn (unlimited shot)
2. shoot n print
    a. 40 pcs
    b. 80 pcs
    c. 120 pcs
3.shoot n photobook

yup.we also will taking order for photobook.

all these packages start on january:)do email us for more info~!:)thanks alot.

adibahzack6@yahoo.com /saifulcorner@gmail.com

p/s: we do have 5% discount to those deal more than rm500 with us!offer valid until the end of this year!hurry!:)

Friday, December 2, 2011

we are selling fujifilem instax camera!!:)

hey love!

right now we are selling instax camera. :)

Instax mini camera 7s in four colour:)




kamera disediakan dengan tali. 4 bateri alkali manual penggunaan dan 1 kotak instax mini film. :) 

Instax Camera 
Instax Mini 7s Blue - RM240 
Instax Mini 7s Pink - RM240 
Instax Mini 7s White - RM280 
Instax Mini 7s Choco - RM280 

if anything just email me kayh!:) adibahzack6@yahoo.com (hehe sori rojak plak bahasa nya.)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

canvas printing FAQ :)

hi morning!!

today i will update most of the FAQ about the canvas printing :) thanks for all who have inquired! and also those have used our services!:)

1.Q: it is your canvas full wrap?
   A: yes, our canvas its full wrap.

2. Q: how long would it take to print the canvas?
    A: at least 3 days.but we need at least 5 days to have it finished.

3. Q: how about delivery?
    A: we dont do post delivery.we deliver it by ourself.we prefer to meet customers in klang valley.

4. Q: how about the colour printing?
    A: don worry about that.our printing as the same colour as your given picture.

5. Q: how about the payment?
    A: you have to pay full payment for us to proceed the printing.by bank in the agreed amount to our bank.

    maybank : 1-64017-22157-6
    cimb : 121-0001704-1523
    payee name: adibah zakaria

i hope it have cleared many of your questions:) but if your guys have more questions to ask.just email us at adibahzack6@yahoo.com :) thanks!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


salam sayang untuk semua:)

hehe i really in love with everything that can be props for thephotoboothcorner:)

Many ideas are pouring in right now.especially for the backdrop.right now mmg xmampu nk wt using solid wallpaper or whatsoeva.but then hey we are for those bride on budget.hehe

right now we are taking baby step to have our creatively made backdrop for our customers:)

as we speak many have emailed us asking about the backdrop.insyaALLAH we will do our best to cater the best with our price.:) anyways we welcomed any feedback.please do!without your feedback,we do not know what suit or best for you :)thanks for all the supports given.we appreciate it alot.

just a friendly reminder we are launching new add on service - that is taking guest picture at your very own photoboothcorner :) by using our new baby DSLR :)alhamdulillah:) starting Jan 2012.

please shower us with your vibrant and cool mail :) we will ensure you will get reply as soon as possible.

email : adibahzack6@yahoo.com 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

canvas printing!:) thanks girls:)

salam semua:) thanks to all girls:)appreciated alot!:)

interested? email me kayh!:)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

the announcement!!:)

salam sayang untuk semua:)

at last br dapat nk announce the winner!:)

first of all thanks untuk semua peserta:)thanks tau!:)i love you all!:)

t for those yang menang hadiah 1st, 2nd and 3rd sila beri alamat n no tel plus with event majlis dan tarikh & masa majlis :)hehe

tahniah for all the winner!!:)

grand prize : RENEE MEOW -we love your sketch!and please to tell we love to do it for you on your big day!:)

second prize : CIK ZIMIE - oh!we both love the idea of having board telling the guest about the photobooth. certainly you give us the ideas!:)

third prize: NANIE - we love rainbow:) thanks darling!:)

as for fourth to ninth as follows

4. sykeyra
5. zaila
6. habibah
8. nora
9. anna

for the tenth to twelveth

10. nida
12.mrs sallehuddin

Monday, October 10, 2011

list of prizes!:)

salam sayang untuk semua:)

sori for the delay.insyaALLAH in this week we will announce the winner!!:)

here's goes the prizes!

grand prize! - our lovely package C = instant camera, easel, prop box, 2 instant film and canvas printing + coupon kenny rogers one complimentary kenny quarter meal with purchase of one kenny's quarter meal. :)hehe 

second grand prize: our package B = instant camera, easel, prop box and 2 instant filem + gift certificate of kenny rogers (rm10)

third prize: our package A = instant camera, easel and prop box. plus gift certificate of kenny rogers (rm10)

consolation prizes : 

from 4th to 9th place = each will receive voucher of rm10 from us + gift certificate of kenny rogers worth of rm10 

10th to 12th place : each will receive a voucher of rm10 from us:)

next entry will be the announcing the winner!dont worry everyone will get their prize!:)

Friday, October 7, 2011

the contest is officially closed!:)

salam sayang untuk semua:)

thanks for the participants!:)

next entry will be the list of prizes that everyone will each won.hehe. suka x?:)

till then,


adibah & saiful

Thursday, September 29, 2011

canvas printing & backdrop:)

salam sayang untuk semua:)

hehe update post lagi. just nk tunjukkan gambar progress kami :) later will update services and add on one special service yang mesti menarik perhatian korang.hehe


canvas printing yang dba buat 2 19'x25'.nk tau price?email me.you'll be surprised!:)berbaloi2:)hehe


adibah & saiful

contest the photoboothcorner~ so far

salam sayang untuk semua:)

semakin hari semakin ramai yang follow blog thephotoboothcorner!:)thanks korang:)

right now contest photobooth yang paling kreatif tgh berjalan:) seronok baca entry korang!:)best!thanks alot.

this is some of the entry:) thanks love!

1. http://what-the-story.blogspot.com/2011/08/contest-idea-photobooth-kreatif-hacked.html
3. http://kerrythepinklover.blogspot.com/2011/09/photoboothcorner.html
4. http://farawangi.wordpress.com/2011/09/25/the-photobooth-corner/

please to inform, jgn malu2 join contest.

kita ada byk lagi price beside the main price.:)


adibah & saiful

Friday, July 29, 2011

pertandingan mencari idea kreatif!:)

salam sayang untuk semua fan thephotoboothcorner!!:)sapa yang berminat mempunyai photobooth pada majlis tp xder budget? apa kata masuk pertandingan nie!!:)

Add caption

not to worry!bukan hanya grand prize je hadiah yang ada. :)apa kata cuba nasib kt sini?:)gudluck untuk semua:)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

props untuk photobooth :)

salam sayang untuk semua :)

pe khabar kawan2 ??:) sihat?harap2 sihatla hendaknya. :) hari nie dba nk cerita mengenai props untuk photobooth :)

props untuk photobooth ialah aksesori untuk bergambar di ruangan photobooth. contoh nyer rambut palsu,misai palsu,frame gambar,topeng, payung dan whiteboard. meh kita tgk contoh2 props yang ada:)

dari miss fancy pants (the bride)
miss pansy pants
dari theprettyblog
dari bklynbrideonline
kami akan menyediakan props yang menarik untuk kawan2 semua:)insyaALLAH :)

berminat?emel kepada adibahzack6@yahoo.com / sweetadibahzakaria@gmail.com / saiful_corner@yahoo.com

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Easel a.k.a Art Stand

salam sayang untuk semua :)

dba dapat a few email about easel:)so untuk memudahkan pelanggan dan kawan2 :)

pe itu easel? easel ialah di mana kita meletakkan canvas printing atau welcome board to welcome visitors.

easel kami :)
mari kita lihat contoh2 penggunaan easel :)

digunakan untuk letak welcome board :)
easel juga boleh letak canvas printing :)
canvas printing pun kami ada sediakan :)tp nie bukan kami yang hasilkan:)contoh sahaja:)
interested?email us adibahzack6@yahoo.com / sweetadibahzakaria@gmail.com / saiful_corner@yahoo.com


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Package !!

salam sayang untuk semua:)
di sini dba nk buat pengumuman tentang pakej-pakej yang kami baru lancarkan!:)thanks for viewing kawan2!!
for further info,boleh email adibahzack6@yahoo.com /saiful_corner@yahoo.com


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ruangan photobooth:)

salam sayang untuk semua:)

pe pendapat kawan2 kalo dba n sepol sediakan dari A to Z mengenai ruangan photobooth atau ruangan bergambar dengan harga yang berpatutan??:)

berminat??emel dba di adibahzack6@yahoo.com / sweetadibahzakaria@gmail.com atau emel saiful di saiful_corner@yahoo.com :)



Sunday, May 29, 2011

our 1st customer!:)

assalamualaikum and happy weekend!!:)

lets enjoys our pictures!but because we have arrived late at nadira's wedding.so what's left is the pictures on the guestbook:)hehe..

the guestbook corner:)nad is so creative!:)
some of the wishes!!look on the film
hehe..cute kan??:)

actually nad is a wedding blogger:) this is her blog-> http://nadzpeanut.blogspot.com/

paper pun wedding anda pun boleh gak jd mcm nie:)berminat?emel la dba :)

till then.


Friday, May 27, 2011

we are officially a registered company:)

salam  and hi to all my beloved friends:)

yesterday was a blessful day as we are officially registered in SSM as enterprise company :)alhamdulillah:)

i've never thought that i will have a registered company one day:)

so guys don't worry about our services.we are a registered company!:)

till then.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

kami dh dpt payment dari pelanggan pertama :)terima kasih!:)

salam sayang untuk semua:)

semalam dba dan sepol dh bg sewakan kamera polaroid kepada pelanggan pertama kami:)terima kasih sbb sudi jadi pelanggan kami:)

nnt kan gmbr sekitar wedding pelanggan pertama kami:) dba sayang korang suma:)



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

we are on facebook!!:)

salam sayang untuk semua:)

kami,ThePhotoboothCorner telah pun mempunyai fanpage kami di facebook :) sapa2 yang berminat, boleh la layari facebook


kalo xjumpa, search ThePhotoboothCorner

thank you pada semua kawan2 yang telah like fanpage kami :)dba hepi sangat:)

thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions for ThePhotoBoothCorner

salam sayang untuk semua :)

dba ada up satu page baru.FAQ.untuk memudahkan kawan2 untuk memahami servis kami:) terima kasih kerana memilih kami sebagai vendor sewaan kamera polaroid anda:)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Upcoming Services! :)

salam sayang untuk semua:)

kami dengan berbesar hati nyer akan menawarkan perkhidmatan baru :)alhamdulillah dengan bantuan blogger yang baik hati mempromosikan blog kami,penempahan kamera amatla menggalakkan.:) tp jangan risau,tawaran 50 orang pelanggan pertama masih byk lg kekosongan.cepat yer booking bagi sesiapa yang belum berbuat demikian :)

berbalik dengan perkhidmatan terbaru,kami akan mula menyewa easel dan sekali dengan board dier :) start taking order now :) thanks alot:)

gambar will uploaded soon :)thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

they talked about us!!:)thanks from our deepest heart!

salam sayang untuk semua :)

dba n sepol would like to say thanks to they that have given slot and love to our newly open business.

hana yorie the FairLady :) 
thanks hana:) dba hepi sangat2!!:)moga ALLAH murahkan rezeki hana dan keluarga :)

nk tau pe yang hana tulis ??  sila terjah :)
---> http://blissnlunacylovers.blogspot.com/2011/05/themeconcept-party-wedding.html#comment-form

mya from 4weddingku :)
thanks mya :) dba xsangka mya akan review blog ini :) dba sgt hepi :) may everything goes well for mya n family :) thanks again from us:)

mahu baca ?? sila ke sini

p/s: kami masih lagi mengalu2kan booking dari semua :) lots of dates still available for reservation :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

photobooth ideas:)

salam sayang untuk semua :)

meh kita layan2 idea photobooth yang menarik untuk dijadikan ruangan dalam majlis perkahwinan anda:)

credit from here [link]

from here [link]

from here [link]
from here [link]

from here [link]

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

instant film camera??pe 2??:)

salam sayang untuk semua:)

meh dba ceritakan skit pasal kamera instant film nie:) sblm 2 meh tgk gmbr nie:)

nmpk x kamera nyer??:)
antara jenis2 kamera yang ada :)

nie pun nice gak:) sama..instant film nyer camera:)
pe uniknyer kamera nie??:)dier mudah dan boleh diabadikan dalam bentuk filem dgn kadar yang segera:)

kenapa dier lebih best berbanding kamera DLSR atau kamera filem biasa??

untuk sesiapa yang mahukan guestbook event mereka ada gmbr kawan2 mereka di dalamnyer.kamera instant film r jawapan yang terbaik:) meh tgk gmbr nie:)

dari sini [link]
dari sini [link]
dari sini [link]
easy to use dan dapat diabadikan dalam guestbook kita:)owh..mesti sangat seronok kan??:)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

instant filem provided!

salam sayang untuk semua:)

kami juga menyediakan instant filem bagi kamera fujifilem instax mini 7S :)

harga utk satu kotak rm35 dimana dalam satu kotak ada 10 keping gmbr yang boleh diabadikan dalam guestbook:)