Friday, October 14, 2011

the announcement!!:)

salam sayang untuk semua:)

at last br dapat nk announce the winner!:)

first of all thanks untuk semua peserta:)thanks tau!:)i love you all!:)

t for those yang menang hadiah 1st, 2nd and 3rd sila beri alamat n no tel plus with event majlis dan tarikh & masa majlis :)hehe

tahniah for all the winner!!:)

grand prize : RENEE MEOW -we love your sketch!and please to tell we love to do it for you on your big day!:)

second prize : CIK ZIMIE - oh!we both love the idea of having board telling the guest about the photobooth. certainly you give us the ideas!:)

third prize: NANIE - we love rainbow:) thanks darling!:)

as for fourth to ninth as follows

4. sykeyra
5. zaila
6. habibah
8. nora
9. anna

for the tenth to twelveth

10. nida
12.mrs sallehuddin


  1. congratulation renee, zimie and nanie !!!!! yeay xsabar nak tgk dba buat nanti !!

  2. alhamdulillah bestnyeeeeeeee dba.tq so muchhh :))


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