Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Package Shoot n Print :)

salam and hai to all :)

we are doing shoot n print starting Jan 2012 :)

these are the new packages

DSLR package

1. shoot n burn (unlimited shot)
2. shoot n print
    a. 40 pcs
    b. 80 pcs
    c. 120 pcs
3.shoot n photobook

yup.we also will taking order for photobook.

all these packages start on january:)do email us for more info~!:)thanks alot. /

p/s: we do have 5% discount to those deal more than rm500 with us!offer valid until the end of this year!hurry!:)


  1. Hai. Can you quote me this package price. Sekali dengan photobook.
    And photobook tu sama ke dengan guest book?

  2. Oh ya, lupa nak Bagi email.


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