Monday, October 10, 2011

list of prizes!:)

salam sayang untuk semua:)

sori for the delay.insyaALLAH in this week we will announce the winner!!:)

here's goes the prizes!

grand prize! - our lovely package C = instant camera, easel, prop box, 2 instant film and canvas printing + coupon kenny rogers one complimentary kenny quarter meal with purchase of one kenny's quarter meal. :)hehe 

second grand prize: our package B = instant camera, easel, prop box and 2 instant filem + gift certificate of kenny rogers (rm10)

third prize: our package A = instant camera, easel and prop box. plus gift certificate of kenny rogers (rm10)

consolation prizes : 

from 4th to 9th place = each will receive voucher of rm10 from us + gift certificate of kenny rogers worth of rm10 

10th to 12th place : each will receive a voucher of rm10 from us:)

next entry will be the announcing the winner!dont worry everyone will get their prize!:)


  1. waah,bestny dba,sume dpt adiah nnt.hehe

  2. Hoyeyyy..!! Tak sabar nak tau the winner :)


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