Friday, August 31, 2012

Free Give Away: Guestbook, Canvas Printing, Wishing Tree

Salam and happy eid idul-fitri to all our friends :) 

Diba and partner are delightful to announce that we are having a free give away :) 

Let's make it fun, will ya. Diba would love to give away 

Wishing tree x1 (A3 size, customized design) (worth RM50) + 3 different colour stamp pad (medium size) (colours varies on availability) (worth RM30)  

Canvas printing (16"x24") (worth RM80)

Guestbook x 1 ( A4, 30 pages, customized cover design) (worth RM150)

all you have to do

1. Share our picture (the one with the umbrella, tihihi) on your post (blog,tumblr, wordpress or FB)

2. The title must be "Happy Two Years Together"

3. Tell me why you want the gift. (Hint: promote a bit about photoboothcorner.HEHE)

4. Don't forget to link our fanpage :)

4. Done with it. Do link it at this post. So that I can go to your post back.


owhhh.. I have to tell you guys that postage RM10 will be charge (for the winners (optional)).
The result will be on the end of this month (31 August 2012). Do remember 3 prizes to three (3) winners. :)
any questions?just email me

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Promo Raya 2012

RM 500 untuk 

1. backdrops (10'x10') + props (customized design)
2. guestbook x 1 (A4,30 pages, customized design) + guestbook table deco 
3. sewa easel + canvas printing (16"x24")
4. sewa kamera polaroid (fujifilem instax mini 7s) + 3 kotak (30keping) film 
5. 2 orang jaga photobooth (4hour/event)

ini tidak termasuk cas pengangkutan :) untuk maklumat lanjut, sila email/sms diba / 0162065767 / 0176571345

Friday, August 24, 2012

Senarai Harga ThePhotoBoothCorner

Salam kawan2, diba just nk share senarai harga ThePhotoboothCorner

Harga yang terkini dari 24 Ogos 2012.

1. sewaan untuk kamera polaroid, easel/ art stand, backdrop + props 
        1. fujifilem instax mini 7s + 2 boxes of film (20 film strips) = RM130
        2. fujifilem instax 210 + 2 boxes of film(20 film strips) = RM200 
        3. easel = RM35/easel per event
        4. backdrop (10'x10') = RM250
        5. props = RM50

2. jual customized guestbook, jual instax mini and wide film /kamera polaroid, jual easel/art stand, jual pelbagai saiz canvas printing.
       1. guestbook (A4, 30 pages, customised cover design) = RM150 
       2. fujifilem instax mini 7s = RM240 (with manual+warranty card+battery + camera  strap + free1 box(10pcs) of film+ free postage)
       3. fujifilem instax 210 = RM350 (with manual + warranty card + battery + camera strap + close up lens with self- capture mirror+free 1 box twin pack film ( 20pcs film) + free postage ) instax mini = RM30/box , film instax 210 = RM35/box
       5.easel/art stand = RM100 ( 135cm height)
       6.Canvas printing
          1. 9"x12" = RM52
          2. 12"x12" = RM55
          3. 16"x24" = RM80
          4. 19"x25" = RM91
          5. 20"x30" = RM104
          6. 24"x36" = RM140 
         7. 24"x42" = RM156

3. servis jaga photobooth, servis amik gambar (guna dslr) :)
   1. servis jaga photobooth = RM100
   2. servis amik gambar guna DSLR = RM300 (shoot n burn)/event 

penghantaran akan dicas jika lebih dari 20km dari bangi. terima kasih. Jika pos, RM20 akan dikenakan :) (pos utk barangan yang dijual sahaja)

untuk pertanyaan lanjut, boleh la hubungi diba di email / 0162065767 :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Polaroid Camera for Rent

Hey loves. Care to have polaroid film strips for your event? But just want to use it once, why bother buy if you can rent it :) hehe 

diba have renting polaroid camera's services. 

diba have 2 type of camera

1. fujifilem instax mini 7s x 4 
2. fujifilem instax 210 x1

diba rent it for 

1. fujifilem instax mini 7s + 2 boxes of film (20 film strips) = RM130
2. fujifilem instax 210 + 2 boxes of film(20 film strips) = RM200 

for the procedure. 

1. firstly, diba will asked the date for booking :) if available, we can proceed to the next step. if not available, stop at this step only.sorry!

2. diba will clarify other expenses such as guarantee money RM100 for both polaroid camera. plus if want diba send it to the event's place. diba will charge RM0.60/km to your place from bangi. if more than 20km.if less than 20km no transport charge. for postage diba cant afford to do that. because it highly possible after rent, it will not be posted back. yikes!

3. if agreed with the grand total, diba will asked RM100 to lock your date. bank in my account bank then diba will keep your details. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Canvas Printing : Update III

Hey love, our recent works 



interested? email me for more info :) 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Salam to all, this is our recent works 



thanks mas:) hope you will like it:)

like it? email me for more info