Friday, August 17, 2012

Polaroid Camera for Rent

Hey loves. Care to have polaroid film strips for your event? But just want to use it once, why bother buy if you can rent it :) hehe 

diba have renting polaroid camera's services. 

diba have 2 type of camera

1. fujifilem instax mini 7s x 4 
2. fujifilem instax 210 x1

diba rent it for 

1. fujifilem instax mini 7s + 2 boxes of film (20 film strips) = RM130
2. fujifilem instax 210 + 2 boxes of film(20 film strips) = RM200 

for the procedure. 

1. firstly, diba will asked the date for booking :) if available, we can proceed to the next step. if not available, stop at this step only.sorry!

2. diba will clarify other expenses such as guarantee money RM100 for both polaroid camera. plus if want diba send it to the event's place. diba will charge RM0.60/km to your place from bangi. if more than 20km.if less than 20km no transport charge. for postage diba cant afford to do that. because it highly possible after rent, it will not be posted back. yikes!

3. if agreed with the grand total, diba will asked RM100 to lock your date. bank in my account bank then diba will keep your details. 


  1. I am intersted for our school carnival. Reply fast, urgent

    Zhi Jiang

  2. can I rent ur Polaroid camera on the 7dec2014?

    0172017709 - Wani

  3. Whatsapp me . I want to book your Polaroid . +6014-7258-369


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